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Spindles/Chucks/Three Phase Invertors

chucks SperryTek specializes in air bearing repairs. Our refurbished spindles are dynamic balanced to ensure accuracy. Allow us to repair your spindle, so you can experience quality, performance, and reliability. All refurbished spindles are backed with the industry’s leading warranty. We renovate Grinding and Dicing Spindles to original specifications, all with lightning fast turnaround to minimize your companies down time. Additionally SperryTek offers Spindle Repair services for high frequency motorized, air bearing spindles used in Dicing Saws and Grinding Equipment. All Dicing and Grinding spindles go through a rigid examination process including all rotors, shafts and supplementary rotating parts; which in turn these are All Dynamic Balanced at Speed. Spindle Load and Accuracy tests are performed to certify precision. Spindles are checked for run-out specifications to within 0.00015″ for class 7 bearings or 0.000075″ for class 9 bearings.

spindle1Our Quick Service means minimal downtime. The removal or reinstallation of the Spindle from K&S or A.D.T. dicing machines can be done by your technicians or you can one of our engineers extract it. All spindles carry a 1 Year Warranty to cover defects, to great extent more than new spindles. We treat your spindle with the utmost care; the spindle is the heart of your machine. Trust it to a highly qualified professional.


Spindle Failures Equipment Manufacturers
  • Excessive Brush Wear
  • Humming
  • Vibration
  • Worn-Out of Tolerance
  • Excessive Chipping
  • Air Contamination
  • Lock-Up
  • Excessive Blade Wear

chucks2We offer chuck resurfacing on all types of porous ceramic chucks, sintered steel, and vacuum groove chucks. We carefully remove and grind down your defective chuck and replace the ceramic/sintered steel and then smooth to O.E.M. specifications or higher. We can refurbish 2-12 inch ceramic chucks. We also build completely new chucks for all your different dicing needs. SperryTek is one of the nation’s leading sources for ceramic chuck repairs. We offer both new and rebuilt K&S, Disco, and ADT dicing saw chucks in both standard and custom configurations.

We specialize in repairing your saws three phase high power inverters.


You can save from 50% to 70% on having your power inverter repaired and protect your valuable investments, with us. Here are some good reasons why you should send your Inverter to us for repair and maintenance, rather than to local repair shops and the manufacturer. SperryTek is experienced and familiar with these models. Our technicians can troubleshoot directly to the problem. We can also detect the worn out and nearly defective parts that cause most of the intermittent problems, in which most services shops cannot find out. So you can get your inverter fixed right, the first time, and avoid damages by inexperience technicians trying to explore. Your power inverter will be thoroughly inspected as we work on it. While your equipment is in our repair center, we will keep you informed and involved. Only appropriate and necessary repairs will be performed. After your power inverter is repaired we perform a full dynamic load test on it to make sure it will be in perfect working order under the most stressful of conditions. The repair isn’t complete until you’re satisfied.

Standard Repair Policies:

  • Analogue signature analysis used on power input and output stages to test for leakage, short or open circuits
  • Unit thoroughly cleaned, dust and dirt ingress removed from heat sinks, cooling fans tested for bearing wear and replaced as necessary
  • All low voltage high frequency electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and the power firing stages are replaced as standard with 105C high performance low ESR types
  • Unit fully functionally tested
  • Unit Load Tested