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Spare Parts

8_inch_silicon_wafer_with_GaN_LayerSperryTek is one of the largest new, used, and refurbished dicing saw parts companies in the world. We have a complete selection of high quality K&S 980 Spare Parts, along with ADT 7100 Spare Parts – offered at the lowest prices. Everything from Theta Tables to Circuit Cards we have in stock waiting for you, our customers. We at SperryTek have an entire spare part kits for many makes and models of saws. Please call us at 480-539-6444 for your needs. Purchase parts today and have them delivered straight to your door tomorrow. Our prices are the lowest, so much so that we’re confident enough to offer a low price guarantee on all our products. From boards to three phase invertors to spindles we are there for YOU, our customers. We typically have in stock the following for the Kulicke & Soffa 980.


  • 2” or 4” Spindles (Both Exchange & Repair)SiliconWafer
  • Main Logic Boards
  • Axis Control Boards
  • Power Logic Boards
  • Video Graphics Boards
  • MPU Boards ∙Static Memory Boards
  • Three Phase Invertors (Both Exchange & Repair)
  • Theta Tables (Both Exchange & Repair)
  • D.C. Power Supplies
  • Refurbished Theta Tables

Everything from 100% Complete and Total Refurbishment (unlike our competitors who simply clean and paint) to Theta Tables, Spindles, and X Amplifiers you will be 100% satisfied with our workmanship, professionalism, and warranties that we have to offer. We are not satisfied until our customer is.

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